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When the Harry Potter Museum opens in Moscow

Fans of books by the writer JK Rowling decided to create a museum named after the protagonist of these novels, the wizard Harry Potter. The initiators - spouses: journalist Natalia and advertiser Maxim. They expect to open a museum in October 2012. Preparation work has been going on for several months.
According to Natalia, the idea came to her spontaneously, when one day on her way home she wondered what she would like to do in life besides work. And then she remembered that from childhood she was fond of everything related to Harry Potter. Earlier, Natalia has already created a virtual school of magic, imitating the Hogwarts school from the Rowling books. As part of this virtual role-playing game, participants listen to lectures on the history of magic.
She had the idea to create a themed cafe or something like that, and she shared this idea with her husband. Surprisingly, he appreciated the idea and became like-minded wife.They decided that the museum should become a meeting place for Harry Potter lovers, because before that they had no place to gather and communicate. It is planned that the room will house the exposition, the merchandise shop, as well as a cafe.
If the date of opening of the pair is determined, then with a place - not quite. But it is planned that this will be the center of the city. And the location of the museum should be such that it is convenient to get to it from different parts of the capital. The Harry Potter Museum in Moscow will not be the first - its analogues already exist, for example, in a suburb of London in the UK.
Fans of Harry Potter send Natalia and Maxim themed photos, costumes, drawings, embroidery, jewelry and other results of their work. Handmade objects are the basis of the museum’s future exposition. Also, books on Potter published in different countries of the world and in different languages ​​are accepted as exhibits. The first exhibit was a drawing by artist Alina, depicting Harry's friends - Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

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When the Harry Potter Museum opens in Moscow

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