Five Cities That Got Fcked by Hosting the Olympics

When will the Olympics be held in Sochi

������The date of the XXII Olympic Winter Games is already known. Opening is scheduled for 7, and closing for February 22, 2014. During these days 98 sets of medals will be played in 15 sports disciplines. Almost immediately after the Olympic, at the same sports facilities, from March 7 to 16, 2014, traditional Paralympic Games will be held, in which athletes with disabilities participate.
The Sochi Olympics will be held at two venues. Those sports competitions, which take place in the open, will take the famous ski resort "Krasnaya Polyana", located 50 km from the city, in the mountains. Now a mountain Olympic village is being built here, a large ski resort �Rosa Khutor� and a �Rye Glade� toboggan run where bobsleigh athletes will compete.
In Sochi itself, closed ice arenas, small and large, speed skating center, arena for curling competitions, ice palace of sport, which will host figure skating and short track competitions with a capacity of 12 thousand fans, are being built.In addition, the construction of the main Olympic stadium, designed for 40 thousand spectators and the Olympic village in which athletes and the press will live, is almost completed. It is expected that about 12 thousand journalists will be accredited at the Games. According to the construction plans, all facilities should be built by 2013.
About 3 billion viewers around the world will watch television broadcasts from the Olympic Sochi competitions, but those wishing to see this unforgettable spectacle with their own eyes have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance.
The implementation of the unique project of the Olympic Games in Sochi will allow the development and implementation of the most modern standards and technological solutions.

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When will the Olympics be held in Sochi

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