U.S. CANADA Radiation Updates, Herrings Disappear

Where did the herring disappear

To begin with, iwashi is not a herring at all, as many thought. This fish has a mediated relationship to herring - it simply belongs to the herring family. But in general she is a sardine, and her Latin name is: Sardinops sagax melanostict, that is, a Far East sardine. And why "ivasi"? In Japanese, sardine is pronounced ma-iwashi.

Well, well, where did this sardine disappear? And will we ever see her in the fish departments? Ichthyological scientists console - yes, we'll see. And, most likely, in the near future.

The fact is that the development cycle of the Far Eastern sardine still remains not fully understood. It is known that this fish can be found on a vast area from the coast of Taiwan to Kamchatka. It spawns in the warm waters south of Japan, and then swims to be fed to the north, to the shores of Primorye. Here, iwashi feeds on crustacean plankton and quickly gains weight. With the onset of cold weather, sardine shoals migrate south again.

Before the war, in the 30s-40s, the Far Eastern fishermen extracted a huge amount of Iwasi. Then this fish suddenly disappeared from our seas.After 40 years, in the 70s-80s, she returned again and came to the forefront of the catch. Up to 600 thousand tons of willows per year were harvested by our fishermen for almost 10 years. And here again - the sudden disappearance. Ivasi just did not go into the zone of our crafts.

Ichthyologists associate this cyclical nature with the specificity of fish breeding, with changes in the direction of underwater currents. Their forecasts for the return of this tasty sardine to our seas are quite optimistic. Judge for yourself: 30-40 years., Then after 40 years - 70-80 years. Add another cycle to 40 and you will see that soon the Iwasi population should start its growth. According to ichthyologists, the migration of Far Eastern sardines in Primorye should begin from 2015-2020. Already, a gradual, timid approach of the shoals of Yvassi to the shores of Kamchatka begins.

Well, we will hope that the forecasts of scientists will be correct, and we look forward to the appearance of this delicious fish on our tables.

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Where did the herring disappear

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