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The peoples who lived in the northern regions of the planet, for a long time thought about creating a vehicle in deep snow. Endless snowy spaces made it difficult to walk, did not allow to quickly overcome the distance between villages. Yes, and hunting drifts interfered with the chase game. Ancient people felt an acute need for comfortable devices that would help them to feel confident on the snow surface.
The very first skis were primitive snowshoes. They were a wooden oval frame, covered with straps made from animal skin. Sometimes such devices wove from flexible rods. It was impossible to glide on such skis, but it was relatively easy to cross them in deep snow. It is assumed that the first snowshoes were used by Indians and Eskimos of North America during the Paleolithic era. In Europe, they were not widely distributed.
Rock carvings of skiers, made about four thousand years ago, were discovered in the caves of Norway. In the pictures you can see pieces of wood tied to the feet of people. Archaeological finds made in Scandinavia suggest that sliding skis first appeared in this region. The ancient skis had different lengths - the right one was slightly shorter and served as a push. The ancient craftsmen trimmed the surface of skis with leather or animal fur.

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Used skis and in the life of the peoples who inhabited the territory of modern Russia. This is evidenced by the rock paintings, discovered at the beginning of the last century on the shores of the White Sea and Lake Onega. Massive boulders retained images of Paleolithic hunters and fishermen, to whose feet skis-type skis were attached. In the Pskov region, archaeologists have found fragments of ancient skis, which are more than three thousand years old.
Skis, very reminiscent of modern sports equipment, the researchers found during the excavations of ancient Novgorod. These devices had a length of about two meters; the front ends of the skis are slightly raised and slightly pointed.In the place where the skier's foot should be located, there is a thickening and a through hole, through which, obviously, a leather belt was passed.
The art of skiing was greatly appreciated by the northern peoples. Evidence of this can be found in the epic of the Finns, Karelians, Nenets, Ostyaks. Describing the exploits of warriors, folk storytellers often mention their ability to ski. There are also references to the competitions of skiers, during which the most agile and fast hunters were chosen. Skiing for the ancient peoples was of great importance, because such skills largely determined the success in hunting and the prosperity of the tribe.

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Where invented and first used skis

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