24 Hours OVERNIGHT Camping in a Tent (107° Outside!)

Where to go with a tent in the Omsk region

What is most important for nature lovers is to sit on the shore and cast a fishing pole. A place for such a holiday can be found in different directions of the Omsk region. You can go in the direction of the village of Lugovoe, 40 km in the direction of Chernoluchenskaya recreation area. Immediately after the village - the descent to the old Irtysh with places for cars and tents. After moving through the dam (for prepared cars) - places on the bank of the Irtysh.
You can choose Camel Lake, which is 70 kilometers from Omsk in the direction of Bolshereche. Turn to the right in the direction of the tower, not reaching 500 meters from the village of Verblyuzhe. True, swimming in the lake is not recommended, muddy bottom, the place is rather a fishing place. A little further along the road after 10 kilometers in the same direction is the village Uvalnaya Betia with a large lake for fishermen, and places for recreation along the Irtysh coast.
For more prepared tourists - the legendary place of Five Lakes and the village of Okunevo in Muromtsevsky district, more than 200 kilometers away from the city.Favorite for tourists area, which come from all over Russia and the near abroad. Possesses mystical glory and is filled with rumors about visiting the site by aliens. Every year the village of Okunevo attracts many tourists on June 21 at the summer solstice. On the bank of the Tara River - there is a huge tent camp in the middle of a pine forest, there is also a folk crafts fair and a concert stage. Nearby, in 2 kilometers, is the so-called Navel of the Earth. The place where the symbols of several religions found refuge - the Hindu temple, the Orthodox chapel, the pagan brace. In the village, you can hire a guide who will accompany you to one of the legendary Shaitan Lake. The way to it is taken by crossing the river by boat and 6 kilometers on foot in one direction. Lakes Linevo and Shchuchye - are located further than the village of Muromtseva 12 kilometers, and Danilovo - 27 kilometers. The place of the fifth - the hidden Urman Lake - is hidden from the eyes of man according to legend. The water of all lakes - has healing properties and is saturated with silver. The shape of the shore is an ideal circle, which ascribes mystical origin to the lakes.

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Where to go with a tent in the Omsk region

We go camping in a tent for the first time
Where to go with a tent in the Omsk region

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