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Where to install add-ons Sims 3

The new version of "The Sims 3", inherited the most original solutions of predecessors, it opens up an interesting metropolis for players - filled with beauty, brightness and numerous surprises. So, to install this gameadditions, you need to pay attention to the extension of downloadable files. For files with the .package extension, you will need a program: "TS3 Install Helper Monkey" (available for download on the Internet). This program will automatically save the .package files in the allotted directory. Download the program, unpack the files from the archive and install them on your computer without changing the installation path. After its completion, a window will appear in which it will be written: "Generating files and setting up menus ... Done" (the creation of files and the creation of the menu is done). Close this window and go on to install the patch. Open the root folder of the game (if installed on the C drive by default, go to the following path: C: Program Files Electronic Arts The Sims 3) and create a new folder, calling it "Mods". In the created folder create the folder "Packages".In order to install .package files, double-click on the desired file. If you need to install files with the .Sims3Pack extension, double-click on the desired file to do this. They will be installed automatically. The same files can be installed using the "Sims3Launcher" program. AlladditionsThe .Sims3Pack format is placed in the "Downloads" folder at the following address: My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Downloads. This folder is created automatically when you first start the game "Sims3Launcher". You can view files located in the "Downloads" folder in the launcher by going to the "Downloads" tab. Select the files to download and click the Install button. You will see a screen that will reflect the process of loading add-ons to The Sims 3 game. When the download process is complete, click OK.

Video: The Sims 3 Tutorial: How to Install Mods

How to Install Mods & Custom Content into The Sims 3!
Where to install add-ons Sims 3

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Where to install add-ons Sims 3

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