Tallest Towers by Country Ranking

Which tower is the tallest

Five of the highest towers in the world

The first place in this rating belongs to the Tokyo Sky Tree tower built in 2011 on the territory of Japanese Tokyo. The height of the Tokyo's Heavenly Tree is 625 meters (or 1998 feet).
This structure was built at a record pace - about 10 meters in just one week. Moreover, the construction of the tower took place with the strongest financial and natural complications: when installing cranes at the end of 2011 in Japan, the strongest earthquake began. After that, the official opening of the facility was postponed for several months.
Now Tokyo Sky Tree is able to compensate for up to 50% of all shocks after movements of the earth's crust. The highest tower is used for television and radio broadcasting, as well as for tourist purposes.
The tower has restaurants, boutiques, a theater and observation and observation platforms at an altitude of 340, 345, 350 and 451 meters.
The second in the ranking is the tower of Canton, erected in Guangzhou (China) in 2010, with an altitude of 600 meters (1968 feet).
During the construction of this building, the builders used a hyperboloid mesh structure, the developer of which is the Russian architect-engineer V.G. Shukhov.The opening of the tower was timed to the Asian Games of 2010, and now the object, which receives up to 10 thousand tourists a year, is used as a platform from which you can see almost the whole of Guangzhou.
The third in the TOP is the Canadian CN Power in Toronto. This tower was built in 1976 with a height of 553.3 meters or 1815 feet.
The name of this structure is decoded as Canada’s National. The Canadian tower held the first place in the ranking of the world's tallest buildings for quite a long time - from 1975 to 2007. On clear days, from the CN Tower you can see an area that is up to 100 kilometers away from the object.
At an altitude of 351 meters in the CN Power there is a large restaurant with a viewing platform function. About 2 million people visit the tower every year.
Fourth place in the rating is given to almost all Russians Ostankino tower in Moscow. It was built in 1967. The height of Ostankino is 540.1 meters or 1772 feet.
The project of this construction was invented by the Russian engineer Nikitin, and in just one day. During its existence, the tower underwent perestroika several times - the number of supports increased from 4 to 10.
In Ostankino there are two viewing platforms with restaurants, which are currently under reconstruction.
The fifth in the TOP of the world's tallest towers is the Oriental Pearl Tower, built in Shanghai in 1994 with a height of 468 meters (1,535 feet).
The tower has a large number of shops, restaurants and several viewing platforms. Since the completion of its construction, the Oriental Pearl has appeared in the cinema several times: in the films “Transformers. Revenge of the Fallen, ”“ Fantastic Four: The Invasion of the Silver Surfer ”and in the film“ Life After People ”, where the tower is broken and crumbling

Tower towers with antennas

This list of the 5 tallest towers in the world, however, does not include masts with antenna spiers. If we take into account this variety, then the highest structure on the planet is the KVLY-TV mast. It was built in 1963 with a spire height of 629 meters. Location of facilities - the state of North Dakota.
The highest could be the now-non-existing radio mast Warszawa, built in 1974 in Poland. Its height reached 646 meters. But, unfortunately, the building collapsed in 1991 during the reconstruction of the mast.
Interesting and platform Petroniu, most of which is under the water of the Gulf of Mexico.It was built in 2000 with a height of 610 meters (or 2001 foot), of which only 75 meters high is above the surface.

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Which tower is the tallest

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Which tower is the tallest

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