Who in Moscow was awarded the TEFI Prize in 2019

The competition and presentation of TEFI awards has been held in Russia since 1994. This ceremony became the Russian equivalent of the Emmi prize, awarded for achievements in American television. Although the Russian award is not well known abroad, it is highly valued in professional circles.
The award provides for several nominations. In 2012, their number was 50. According to the rules of the award, the prize for the past year is awarded only next year. Therefore, in May 2012, TEFI-2011 awards were awarded for achievements in the field of television over the past year.
The award decision is made by the Academy of Russian Television, which includes directors, producers, cameramen, specialists in children's and game cinema, and other television personalities. Thus, the decision is made by the professional community.
In each of the nominations, three finalists were selected, but only one of them received the prize in the form of a statue of Orpheus. The best infotainment program was the ProjectorPaperHilton show, which is broadcast on the Per Channel.The best sports program was the program “Real Sport”, shown on Ren-TV. Among the programs devoted to classical music, the award was given to the program “Sati. Neskuchnaya classics ", popular among the audience channel" Culture ". It should be noted that the show, receiving awards, like not only professionals, but also the audience. This is proved by the high ratings of the winning programs.
The most well-known media personalities who won the 2011 award were the leading Marianna Maksimovskaya, Ivan Urgant and Alexander Gordon. The prizes were also awarded to the best producers, directors, illuminators, editors and many other people who are not present on the screen, but who play a huge role in creating high-quality television programs and films.

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Who in Moscow was awarded the TEFI Prize in 2019

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