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Who will perform at the closing of the Olympics in Sochi

Singers and dancers

The closing ceremony of the solemn event, all the more so important and popular as the Olympic Games, is special. It should be very beautiful, fascinating, cause interest and positive emotions among viewers who feel sad at the thought that such a wonderful holiday has come to an end. Therefore, a detailed description of the program to close the Olympics is kept secret. While it is known only in general terms.
The closing of the Olympics will be held at the Fisht Stadium. The Kuban Cossack Choir will take part in this solemn ceremony, which is quite natural, since the city of Sochi is located in the Krasnodar Territory. Viewers will surely like the songs and dances of the renowned group, which successfully performed in many countries of the world.
Also in the closing ceremony of the Olympiad will take part consolidated children's choir. It will consist of the 1000 most talented singers from all over Russia, aged 9 to 11 years.
The winners of the All-Russian festival “Choir Singing Festival” will perform before the sportsmen and guests of the Olympiad. It will end on November 1 of this year, and by its results the best teams will be selected who will be entrusted with this high honor.
It is known that many famous singers and musicians, both Russian and foreign, received invitations to participate in the closing ceremony of the Olympiad. However, their names are still kept secret.

No extras - nowhere

However, individual performers and even teams, however talented, can not complete the many hours of the program, especially in the stadium arena. Therefore, 3 thousand of the best performers will be selected for the mass dance and acrobatic performances. The selection is conducted among students of universities, secondary special educational institutions, circus and dance groups. They will act between the main participants of the program.
In any case, there is no doubt that the program and the staging of the closing ceremony of the Olympiad will meet the highest standards.

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Who will perform at the closing of the Olympics in Sochi

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Who will perform at the closing of the Olympics in Sochi

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