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Why do crabs go sideways

The question of the reasons for this method of movement of crabs, as well as the fact that crabs are moving backwards, occupied people in antiquity. She was even born when a crab and a crab accompanied the king of the sea for a walk, and when they met the shark, the cancer, frightened, jumped back, and the crab went sideways into the nearest algae bushes. The king of the sea punished both subjects for cowardice, forcing one to move backward all his life, and the other to walk sideways.
Of course, modern man is not satisfied with such a fabulous explanation.

Crab anatomy

Crabs have very long and powerful legs, which are somewhat turned forward. Because of this, the joints cannot rise above the abdomen. This is very important for an animal that spends most of its time in shallow water and has many natural enemies. In case of danger, the crab is easy to lay on the sandy bottom, without attracting attention, or quickly hide under the stones.
But for such a structure of the limbs, the crab has to pay with the fact that it can develop the greatest speed when moving sideways.When speed is not critical, a crab can walk in any direction, but when it feels in danger, it seeks to escape and begins to move in the most convenient way for it. Watching for the source of danger does not interfere, because his eyes are on stalked processes, which creates a circular view.
There is another reason to move sideways in case of danger. The claws of the crab, like the hands of a man, are asymmetrical - it is easy to be convinced of this by looking at him: one of the claws is larger than the other. Like in humans, the leading claw turns out to be the leading one in most individuals, with it the crab seizes food, and with the left it defends itself if necessary. Running away from someone dangerous, he covers himself with a “protective” claw, and this is also more convenient to do, moving sideways.

Cancer moves back

An interesting feature of the movement is also found in the closest “relative” of crabs - crayfish. This animal swims its tail forward, since it is in this direction that the cancer body has the most streamlined shape, and when moving in the opposite direction, large claws would interfere.
Cancer can go in any direction, but the maximum speed develops when moving backwards.At the same time, the tail bends under the belly and throws out a stream of water that “works” according to the principle of a jet engine, increasing the speed of movement of the animal.
The crab does not always go sideways, and the cancer is moving backwards - both do so only in case of danger. Animals perceive a meeting with a person as a danger, therefore people most often observe just such movement of crabs and crayfish.

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Crab walking sideways
Why do crabs go sideways

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