Do Chemical Peels Really Make A Difference?

Why face peels off

Heredity significantly affects the condition of the skin, since it is quite difficult to eliminate the innate tendency to dryness. As a rule, the effect is achieved for a short period of time, after which the face again needs to be hydrated.
The aging process of the skin due to the fact that the tissues begin to lose a large amount of moisture. To get rid of the unpleasant sensation of dryness and tightness of the skin, it is necessary to choose age-appropriate cosmetics that additionally nourish and protect the surface of the face from the effects of external factors.
Lack of vitamins, coming with food, is reflected on the skin of the face and body. Therefore, most often people suffer from dryness in the winter-spring period, when the human body suffers from avitaminosis. Thus, the usual diet should be enriched with multivitamins, a variety of vitamin dishes in combination with cosmetic products to moisturize the skin.It is recommended to increase the number of products containing vitamin B. These include liver, eggs, dairy products, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, nuts.
Diseases that lead to dry and flaky skin include various skin diseases and allergic reactions. For example, desquamation may occur when using poor-quality cleansers. To eliminate the peeling, you need to replace the soap or gel and see the result. Skin diseases are a reason for going to the doctor. Particular attention should be paid to cases where the external deficiency is accompanied by itching and burning of the skin of the face.
Often, the skin begins to peel off after mechanical action: cuts, wounds, scratches, inflammation. Contact with open wounds of an infection is a fairly common case in which medical treatment is required.


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Why face peels off

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Why face peels off

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