#FISHERMEN(The person who sacrifice their lives for their beloved ones)..

Why men change their beloved

Naturally, not all men are impermanent. There are those who, having “touched” several women in their young years, finally find their half, which they never change. Others (oh, male logic! And who talks about female?) Do not go "left", thinking: "As long as I am faithful to her, she will not even think about finding a replacement for me." And such loyalty from self-interest gives rise to fairly strong marriages. Many of us know that men tend to possess several women at the same time, as they are polygamous by nature. And where it is condemned, men go to the left secretly from their women, but in Eastern countries, on the contrary, polygamy is even encouraged. And the more wives, the higher the status of men.

Causes of Male Betrayal

In fact, there may be many reasons for treason. And at least once every woman thought about the question "Why does a man change?" Such reasons for refusing to have sex, like “tired”, “I don't want”, “headache”, many men listen almost regularly.Perhaps a woman wants to be always sought for, but over time, the man pushes it into the arms of her mistress, because she, as a rule, is more compliant.

It also happens that a couple has a different sexual temperament. A man with a strong sexual temperament, one woman is simply not enough, and other women come to the rescue. It is interesting that sensitive and intelligent wives in such situations most often understand what is happening, and put up with it, it is easier to live.

Sometimes, because of traditions or because of the upbringing, a woman does not allow herself some “liberties” in sex, this partner does not like. And sometimes it happens the other way around - a man is not happy and even scared of a woman’s sexual emancipation, her ability to enjoy making love.

It happens that the breadwinner cheats on his wife out of habit - he walked before marriage and does not want to change anything by marrying.

One of the psychological causes of adultery is compensation for failures in life. There was no career, no close friends, no wealth, and therefore conquers women's hearts and immediately throws them, asserting themselves in such a simple way.

Gray hair beard ...

This proverbial wisdom has arisen for a reason.There is a physical and psychological reason for this. More mature men 40-50 years of age due to a decrease in the level of male hormones, and hence a decrease in sexual activity, live in difficult times. They do not want the approach of old age, they do not accept the verdict of nature, the man "goes on horseback." Yes, a young woman will be able to increase male activity, but this is temporary. And then the holiday ends, and the infuriated infidel husband who is enraged often tries to return to his wife. But if she wants to take him back and forgive - this is a separate question.

What is the conclusion?

To accept and accept everything as it is, or leave it? For many women, the decision is not easy and disappointing. The experience of a huge number of deceived wives, family doctors and psychologists says that it is impossible to change the inveterate reveler. Every woman decides for herself whether she can perceive male adultery calmly and without nerves. If such a situation degrades her human dignity, then you should not burn your nerves and live in disarray with yourself. It is better to disperse and "rejoice" for the rival razluchnitsu - she will change her as well as his wife.

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Why men change their beloved

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