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Review addedApril 14, 2014authorKakProsto

Wonderful machine for creating perfect curls

Wonderful machine for creating perfect curls

The machine to create curls Babyliss gave me a husband for a wedding anniversary. I have long looked at this wonderful device, but somehow I did not decide to buy anything. Opening the bright box and seeing the Babyliss machine in it, I was overjoyed.
I have long hair, so in my arsenal of caring for them there are hair curlers of all kinds, including hair curlers, curling irons with a lot of nozzles, extensions for straightening. So, becoming a happy owner of the Babyliss typewriter, I gave all these accessories to my niece. And not a bit sorry, because the device makes perfect curls of any shape and size, depending on the selected mode,much faster and better than other tools I know.
The Babyliss machine is fully automated, hair during its use are not confused. The device itself locks the curl, winds it up and at the end of the curl beeps. Everything is very simple and fast.
- beautiful curls of perfect shape;
- easy to use;
- quickly winds curls.

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Wonderful machine for creating perfect curls

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